Rules & Regulations

All Quietwood Creek homeowners and visitors are subject to the following rules and regulations:

 1) The developer (Carity Land Corporation) will retain Architectural integrity and shall approve all plans for any structure to be built on any lot and shall also be responsible for interpreting the development and construction standards.  This privilege of Architectural control shall remain in place until all subdivided and improved lots have completed housing structures built upon them.

 2) Swimming, fishing or other recreational activities are prohibited in Storm Water retention ponds.  SEE DECLARATION OF RESTRICTIONS FOR QUIETWOOD CREEK.

 3) No out buildings (Sheds, Playhouses, Doll Houses) are allowed including those placed adjacent to (up against) the houses.

 4) No retaining wall, or any other permanent structure or improvement shall be built without prior approval of the Architectural Committee.

 5) Garages shall be enclosed and carports are not permitted.

 6) Mailboxes shall be positioned to be accessible from the curb and six (6) feet from the inside edge of the driveway.  Inside edge is the edge of the driveway, which borders the largest continuous lot area.  The top of the mailbox shall be 42 inches from the street level.

 7) The Architectural Committee must approve all fences.  Including those fences which are strategically placed but do not surround the entire lot or any portion of the lot. Chain link, barbed wire, mesh, or other metal fencing shall not be permitted.  No fence may be taller than six (6) feet.

 8)  No owner shall construct or permit to be constructed any fencing or other obstruction which would impair the drainage of storm and surface waters over and across his lot.

 9) The owner of each lot shall maintain the surface drainage, either natural or artificial, over and across his lot.

 10) Exterior television, CB radio, or other type antenna shall not be erected on any residence or lot without the approval of the Architectural Committee,  Any other type of outside electronic device, such as a satellite dish, shall be confided to the back yard and attached to the home or garage.

 11) No permanent outdoor drying apparatus will be permitted on any lot.  Retractable clotheslines are allowed as long as they are retractable, attached to the main structure of your home or garage, attached to a removable pole.  The pole must be retracted or removed when not in use.

 12) No exposed garbage can, trash can, or any garbage burning apparatus or structure be placed on any lot (excluding underground garbage and trash storing devices).

 13) Window air conditioners will be allowed only in windows in rear of residence.

 14) Permanent above ground swimming pools are prohibited.  In ground swimming pools are permitted and must be approved by the Architectural Committee.  In ground swimming pools must conform to City of Muskego Ordinances.  Ample public swimming is available in the Muskego area.  The Muskego Recreation Department has swimming programs held at the Muskego High School.  An outdoor pool is also available in Hales Corners at 116th and Janesville.

 15) No storage or long term (greater than 5 days) parking of boats, trailers, travel trailers, campers, motor homes, commercial vehicles in excess of 3/4 ton, inoperative vehicles, and other large recreational equipment shall be allowed on any lot, unless such vehicle is completely located within the garage.

 16) No animals, livestock, or poultry of any kind may be maintained, bred, sold, or kept in Quietwood Creek, except that two dogs, two cats, or other household pets may be kept provided they are not used for commercial purposes.

 17) No sign of any kind shall be displayed to the public view except one sign of not more than five (5) square feet advertising the property for sale.  Campaign signs are allowed for a two week period prior to an election and must be removed the day following that election.

 18) Pet owners are required to have pets leashed and under control when off their property. Owners are also responsible per City Ordinance to curb their dogs and clean up after them while walking on trails and open areas within Quietwood Creek Subdivision.